SendItz FAQ

What does SendItz offer?

SendItz allows you to send, receive, and share files and folders right from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

On the computer, you can access our website with any web browser to send or receive files. On smartphones and tablets, you can either use our website, or you can use our native iPhone and Android apps for enhanced functionality.

SendItz, being a cross-device platform, not only allows you to send files to yourself between your devices, but also to your friends, whatever device they are using.

Does SendItz provide cloud storage?

All files sent through SendItz are stored in our cloud. Files are accessible anywhere via an Internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You can additionally maintain your own private cloud on our servers using our My Folder feature. Files can be saved to My Folder and accessed from anywhere in the world.

How does SendItz allow sending or sharing of files?

All files sent through SendItz will be tagged with a unique hyperlink that allows the files to be shared and downloaded via the Internet. The recipient will be notified either via email, or via push notification, if they have installed our native iPhone or Android app.

Does SendItz have any total or per-file limits for uploads and downloads?

We work hard at providing the best possible service for our users. Currently, SendItz sets the limit at 1000GB (1TB) per file. Mobile users will be limited by their own devices, which will in all cases be significantly below 1TB, such as in the range of GBs.

The total storage space you can use on your private cloud is currently 1000GB (1TB).

Our user and file limits may change in future, but be assured that SendItz will continue to provide high-value services beyond the offerings of the competition.

Does SendItz handle files securely?

All files are routed through our servers via an encrypted and secure tunnel. Coupled with our built-in authentication system, rest assured that we are treating your files with the security they deserve.

Advanced functionality for business users will be rolled out in a future version of SendItz.

Web-based SendItz FAQ

Do I need to install anything to run SendItz from the web browser?

You do not need to install any additional plug-ins to run the basic SendItz website. You simply need to enable Javascript, which is a default feature of all modern web browsers.

Mobile App SendItz FAQ

How do I install SendItz on my iPhone or Android device?

You can search for SendItz in the iTunes App Store or in Google Play, or you can click here to get the SendItz app from our website.

Do I have to register to use the Mobile App?

You will be asked for your email address and mobile number when you first run the app.

Email addresses can be verified via an automated verification email. If you have entered a mobile number, you will be required to send a SMS to verify it. This process should take only a few seconds.

Do I have to upload my contact or address book to the App?

There is no need to do so. The App will automatically use your smartphone or tablet's existing address book, so you can start sending to your contacts right away.

Do I always need to have an Internet connection to access files from the App?

For newly received files and folders, you will need to download or access them via an Internet connection. After the initial access, these files and folders will be cached on the device, allowing for subsequent fast offline access.

Why do you need my email address and my mobile number?

Your email address uniquely identifies you, so that you can start sending and receiving files with your contacts. We do not require cumbersome usernames and passwords.

Providing your mobile number is not compulsory. If you enter and verify your mobile number, you can then use the app to receive files sent to your mobile number. If you choose not to use your mobile number (for instance, on your tablet), you will still be able to receive files sent to your email address.

We do not, and will never, sell your particulars to third-parties. For more information, view our Privacy Policy.